Is Sarkis Freight a carrier?

Yes, Sarkis Freight runs under it’s own authority (Sarkis Transport DOT 299-4064)¬†and also moves freight across the US & Canada for other carriers such as FedEx Custom Critical andFedEx Supply Chain.

Do I have to go into Canada?

No. You do not have to go into Canada. However, we do encourage it!

Whose Carrier Authority will I operate under?

The specific carrier you choose to service such as Sarkis Freight, FedEx Custom Critical and FedEx Supply Chain. We have team opportunities with FedEx Custom Critical and solo opportunities with Sarkis Freight & FedEx Supply Chain.

How do I get my application done?

You can apply on our site or contact our office at 800.470.6846.

Whose orientation do I attend?

The carrier you would like to service.

Who dispatches the freight?

Depending on which direction you want to take…

  1. If you decide to run a as a solo operator in a tractor-trailer you will work with Sarkis Freight’s in house dispatchers.
  2. We offer solo opportunities with dedicated lanes at FedEx Supply Chain. You will report to a dedicated dispatcher who will work with you daily.
  3. If you decide to run as a team with FedEx Custom Critical you will pick and choose your own loads. No forced dispatch.
Who accepts loads for the truck?

What makes Sarkis Freight different than other companies is Sarkis Freight gives you control over your truck and the loads you want to take. We allow you to accept or decline loads on your own terms. We are always available for consultation and will mediate between you and the carrier if needed.

Is HAZMAT required?

No, but some of the carriers we work with require it. HAZMAT has many benefits and we always recommend obtaining your HAZMAT if you don’t already have it. .No worries if you don’t have your¬†HAZMAT we will help you with the process.

Why Sarkis Freight?

Sarkis Freight is the most reliable expediting and transportation solution company in the United States. Sarkis Freight is a family owned company, thus loyalty and trust are the core values that we share amongst our partners and customers alike. Temperature controlled, expedited surface, white glove and time sensitive materials are what we do best.